Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Course of Treatment

At Jupiter Medical Center, I lead a team of more than 1,600 dedicated professionals and 600 physicians all focused on one goal: to deliver world-class, affordable health care to our community in South Florida. And we are succeeding.

For the last six years, we have worked to reimagine the way we deliver health care to our community - evolving from a model of hospital-centric services to a modern, patient-centric system of care where we provide services all along the continuum of patient need. Today, we are able to deliver an increased intensity of inpatient medical care, an expanded spectrum of ambulatory care and vital post acute care, offering a complete continuum of health and wellness services to our community of both the highest quality and outstanding value for the health care consumer.

This transformation did not happen overnight. It required us to take thoughtful action to transform the way we do business. We worked with our community of patients and providers to ascertain the needs in our community and then expanded our portfolio of programs and services accordingly. We deployed new technologies both to advance and expand the caliber of the health care we provide as well as to streamline the back-end of our business to improve efficiency and communication. We developed strategic affiliations and dynamic partnerships with some of the nation’s leading hospitals and health care providers, enabling us again to increase the scope and depth of our services. Finally, we created physician alignments in the form of multi-specialty groups, engaging local doctors in meaningful and transparent ways.

While we have been successful thus far, there are changes in health care, in the market place and frankly, in the world that affect our business every day. In order to maintain our trajectory and continue to build our business and provide world-class health care, we must remain nimble and adaptable. We must understand the environment in which we operate, and learn from those in our business who are also doing great work. We must be open to learning, listening and communicating.

That is why I want to start sharing my thoughts on both the work we are doing here at Jupiter Medical Center and in the evolving global world of health care. I realize there is a lot of misinformation and noise out there in regards to what we, as health care providers, are striving to accomplish. This blog is designed to be a thoughtful dialogue on what is happening in the health care sector and how we can all contribute to improving care and outcomes. I want to engage with both health care consumers and partners to create a thoughtful balanced conversation, entertaining all points of view. I hope you will both follow and engage with me - entering into a constructive conversation on the work we do. I look forward to talking with you.

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