Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Making the Grade

Jupiter Medical Center is a community hospital and as such, our number one priority is the care, health and well-being of the community we serve. However, it’s not just about taking care of the patients that walk through our medical center or come and see us for treatment at one of our urgent cares or satellite facilities. We are also dedicated to providing a host of services to healthy members in our community, including students who attend the high school just down the road from Jupiter Medical Center.

As a father and health care professional, one of the programs that I am most proud to be affiliated with is the Jupiter Medical Center Academy at Jupiter High School. The Medical Academy is a career preparation program for students interested in pursuing a career in health care. Upon completion of the three to four-year program, the students receive an industry certification. Since its inception, hundreds of students have participated, with more than two-thirds ultimately entering the health care field.

Through the program, students have access to hands-on medical equipment, demonstrations and practicums, day-long observations and robust internships at the hospital as well as classes. Many of the students in the program see more medical procedures during their time in high school than most first- and second-year medical students. Students also attend a wide array of field trips. We are currently planning a trip to New York City to observe the staff at one of our partner hospitals - Mount Sinai.

Having students in the building is wonderful for me and my staff. Not only does it remind us of why we chose this profession, but they ask amazing questions. They have also been known to give us an idea or two!

I’m not the only member of my team who gets excited about the program and its eager participants. Nurses, lab technicians, doctors and other medical professionals constantly go above and beyond to mentor students, help with equipment demonstrations and answer questions. Our whole team has truly adopted the program.

Jupiter Medical Center Academy at Jupiter High School is a win-win for us and for our community. The greatest gift we can give our kids is the best education possible, and nurturing the next generation of health care professionals can only make a dramatic and positive impact on our field and community.

As a hospital that puts community above all else, encouraging young people to join us on our journey to achieve health and wellness in our community is the smartest thing we can do. Our goal is to give them an A+ experience and the opportunity to foster their interest in health care. Hopefully we make the grade.

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