Friday, October 28, 2016

Where We All Lead

In my blog post of last week, Culture Trumps Strategy, I mentioned that soon after joining Jupiter Medical Center, all team members engage in a three-day training seminar in Relationship-Based Care. One of the key focuses of this invaluable training is transformational leadership. This work is designed to not only strengthen team members’ leadership skills but to build a cohesive team that can deliver the highest quality care.

Transformational leadership is a style of leadership where managers work collectively with fellow team members to identify a change or goal and create and execute a plan to work through the change or achieve that goal. Transformational leadership enhances the performance, morale and motivation of all team members by encouraging everyone to take ownership for their work. It also enables team members to serve as a role model for their colleagues and helps them understand and harness the strengths of fellow team members while working on areas that need improvement.

At Jupiter Medical Center, my primary mission - and that of my team - is to deliver world-class quality-based health care. That is our collective goal every day. In order to be successful, I work to practice transformational leadership by inspiring my colleagues with the work we do. That means empowering them all to be leaders among their fellow co-workers, caring about them as people first and helping them succeed in all they do. I also encourage and support my colleagues to do the same.

Performing transformational leadership is also about being courageous. And by being courageous, I mean standing up and actively serving as a professional role model for others. For me, this is leading by example, as well as being authentic and honest with everyone you work with and come in contact with.

This practice of transformational leadership has helped Jupiter Medical Center to be a great place to work and has allowed us to hold on to fantastic team members. It has also improved the experience that our patients and visitors have from the moment they enter our doors as well as strengthened the way we work with our doctors and other medical professionals.

By fostering an environment and developing a culture where we all lead together we have developed a road map for long-term success.

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